What's your definition of the American Dream?

I recently read the American Dream can be defined as creating a better life or earning more money and enjoying higher living standards than your parents had.

It’s a simple but oh so important definition that often gets swept aside in our modern technological age that tells us more is better. More expensive cars, more brand name clothes, more rooms in our homes, more vacations — the list goes on and on.

Yet you can see how truly successful many of us are when we tune out the relentless consumer driven messaging that is so focused on a “buy stuff if you want to be successful” narrative.

Which brings me to College Track. College Track is designed around a ten-year promise to support students from ninth grade all the way through college graduation.  It’s fantastic to know that organizations like College Track are doing a phenomenal job of helping their grads achieve success within that simple but powerful framework.

An inspiring, 85 percent of College Track alums are making more than their parents.

CT grads are also finding jobs at a faster rate than the national average (70% vs 64%) and graduating with less debt. You can see the full report here including recommendations on how to narrow down the “it” factors that can help grads be even more successful after graduation (internships, faculty mentors and more). Dive in and prepare to be inspired!